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I Love GEM ……. only 2.5 meters long, the electric « city » car can be driven without a license and is perfect for one or two people.
Simple to drive with easy handling, it can be driven anywhere without a license by any person over 16.

The « Clip-in » attachment system behind the passenger compartment is designed for the easy installation of a whole range of accessories to enhance the versatility of the vehicle, transforming it in just a few seconds into a micro SUV or even a golf cart!

The GEM e2 is a pioneer in the field of private electric city cars that are quiet-running and non-polluting. It is the perfect complement to sustainable city development and the improvement of our living environment. 
Range : 50 km. Maximum speed 40 km/h, tinted windshield, seat belts …

GEM UTILITY … the compact GEM eS electric utility vehicle is small enough to use on protected and restricted sites where its powerful traction is capable of hauling large loads.

Its ease of handling and all-terrain capacity make it perfect for use in sensitive areas where noise reduction and respect for the environment are important factors.
The electric propulsion system, immediately available, needs no start-up or warm-up time and consumes no energy when stopped.

With its easily accessible driving compartment, the GEM eS electric utility vehicle is ideal for local patrol or delivery services requiring frequent stops.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR GEM … STEVY, artist-painter in St Barths
Discover the latest work of this artist living in St Barths … Let him customize your vehicle and make it unique. Personal or professional projects !


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