The e-TRICKS ; the first « cross over » electric motorbike.

Unique qualities ; Easy to handle, powerful engine and braking are the result of high-performance technical choices; all-aluminum design, high performance Brushless engine, lithium polymer battery, reduced weight of 38 Kg, front and rear adjustable hydraulic suspension with front and rear hydraulic disk brakes.

FUN in all situations; its dynamic abilities make eTRICKS an ideal off road adventurer, its lightness and active safety features make eTRICKS the perfect individual runabout in the city, with a maximum range of 80 Km with an optional second battery pack and a maximum statutory speed of 45 Km/h, eTRICKS is ideal in every context.

Adaptable to your personality; fully equipped and customizable, the eTRICKS can be adapted to your needs and your personality. As a result, it will bring joy to all who use it, men and women, young and old.

eTRICKS ; A well-designed electric 2 wheeler ; 2 years warranty and made in France according to the principles of Eco-design, the eTRICKS has the advantages of all the know-how of the SEV ELECTRIC VEHICLE teams that have designed the first “Cross-Over” in this category.

Ever since it was introduced, eTRICKS has been a huge success : an electric vehicle that is fun, funny and functional, and yet still a motorcycle with a birdlike appetite for fuel!

Even the famous have fallen for eTRICKS : a many time world champion FI driver now uses it to run around the paddocks, a famous tire manufacturer has equipped his entire race team exclusively with eTRICKS.

eTRICKS can be found in the hold of yachts ready to take their owners on a tour of the ports of St Tropez, Ibiza … others use them in town during the week and for trips to the woods on weekends !

This is truly a « cross-over » vehicle !!!