Welcome to the official website of "FBM AUTOMOBILE" !

FBM … conveniently situated right opposite the airport, FBM Automobile has been serving the island of St Barths for 20 YEARS !

FBM AUTO is open to serve you from Monday thru Friday 8 am – noon and 2 pm - 6 pm
Phone. 0590 27 22 70 - International : +590 590 27 22 70

Dynamic, competent and knowledgeable, our team is always happy to share their expertise with you and constantly striving to improve the quality of the services we offer. We understand your needs, have answers to your questions and respond quickly to fulfill your expectations … always with a smile !

Equipped with the latest technology in the field of diagnostics and repair we guarantee reliability, security and innovation.

Come in and discover our wide selection of new vehicles, our GEM electric cars, our used vehicles and the wealth of experience we can offer you.

Feel free to contact us regarding any vehicle purchase, maintenance, repair, inspection requirements … and discover the true meaning of « customer service » !

FBM : commerce - vente de véhicules neufs -SAINT BARTH - vente voiture occasion - st barthélémy - 97133 - SAINT BARTHELEMY
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